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Multi-Lingual Travel Professional

Posted by in Bette's Adventures, Blog, Featured on Jun 14, 2013

Multi-Lingual Travel Professional

As your travel professional in the Southlake area, I would love to claim to be fluent in Spanish and French, but I am not!  When we went to Costa Rica on two mission trips, we had practiced multiple words and phrases, so I thought I was ready to converse.  When we got there and I faced the first opportunity to test my Spanish skills, I failed miserably.  The French I learned 30 years before is what poured from my mouth!  Then, when we went to Paris last year, I thought I was so prepared, and wouldn’t you know, my limited Spanish surfaced!

There are so many languages out there.  For instance, off-roaders have their own secret language – a lot of it is number-speak involving numeric phrases referring to things like gear ratios and tire sizes.  All of that is pretty much Greek to me.

I can however speak the language of travel!  I am fully conversant in airport codes and room categories as if they were second nature.  But the trick to any language is to make it comprehensible to others.  It does no one any good if they cannot understand a thing I say.  That’s why I love to sit down with my clients face to face – it’s a great way to understand each other better.  Also, it’s a chance to incorporate some body language into the dialogue, too.

I can also speak the language of love, although my husband of 31 years may claim we speak completely different dialects!  It’s so easy to be misunderstood, but I try my best to hear what’s important to make my clients’ experience the most romantic time possible.  If they want quiet romance on the beach or wild-crazy nightlife, I get that!  I can almost feel my clients’ requests and do my best to transform these desires into their loving experiences.

The language I try my hardest to speak fluently is friendship.  This particular language has been reinforced by some fabulous people throughout my life – my parents, my sister and brother, my cousins, my husband, my daughters, my church friends, and certainly my clients.  This language I try to practice on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most important point in any language is not so much to be understood, but to understand.  As your travel professional in the Southlake area, I will try my best to understand your travel needs and turn them into fabulous and special moments!