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Special Family Returns from Vacation in Cancun, Mexico

Posted by in Bette's Adventures, Blog, gallery on Dec 13, 2013

Special Family Returns from Vacation in Cancun, Mexico
Beautiful Family on Snorkel Excursion in Mexico

Beautiful Family on Snorkel Excursion in Mexico

Family Vacation to NOW Sapphire Resort, Cancun, Mexico

We had a really, really great time on our trip! The resort was wonderful. The staff was amazing in every single aspect. We didn’t have a single thing happen that was negative at the resort at all. Beautiful, well-maintained, clean, great food in the buffet, courteous staff. EVERYTHING! Huge thumbs up! The ROAD going to the resort is a different story! Oh my gosh! It was definitely a conversation piece for every trip we went up & down it!

We almost got stuck a few times & there were several buses & vans that WERE getting stuck. But the drivers we had luckily were experienced with it & got us through! It rained quite a bit & was cloudy most of the time. We were pretty cold a lot of the time so we wouldn’t go back at this time of year again. But none of those things had anything to do with YOU or the resort itself. Our favorite part was the impromptu snorkeling trip we did through the resort. We went out from the beach at the resort to the coral areas & then they took us back for a fantastic buffet lunch at a different resort. The guys who did that excursion were amazing! So funny & helpful & nice!

A Snorkeling Fan!

The other great excursion was the Xel Ha, & the highlight of that was swimming with the dolphins, which Kass, Bree & I did! A dream come true for all of us!!! The last excursion we did (you saw the picture I downloaded on FB) was the catamaran which left from Cancun & took us across to Isla Mujeres.

Kunz Snorkel 3

We didn’t love that excursion but mainly b/c we were FREEZING & it rained 🙁 Otherwise, the staff on that were great & did their best to make it fun despite the bad weather. So that is what all we did! You did a great job & there isn’t anything else you could’ve done to make it better. We will definitely keep going through you for our vacations from this point on! A huge thank you to you again!!

Kunz Snorkel 2