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Posted by in Bette's Adventures on Nov 28, 2012


For years, our family has enjoyed assembling jigsaw puzzles, and I love a good mystery!

Putting together travel itineraries is both a puzzle and a mystery. There are different shapes (the clients), and each one has a unique story generally involving some romance and even a dash of drama, although it is my job to minimize the drama!

Once we determine the overall picture of the travel plans, we put the border pieces together with airfare and hotel/cruise to set the frame for our trip. Then we fill in the rest of the itinerary choosing just the right room category, excursions, and special items such as spa treatments to complete this wonderful travel puzzle.

It is our pleasure at Special Moments Travel to customize these travel puzzles just for you. We put it all together for you, the best clients in the world, because we want the travel world to revolve around you!

Please call us today so we can make YOUR travel moments special!