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A Tribute to Two Travelers

Posted by in Bette's Adventures on Feb 10, 2013

A Tribute to Two Travelers

A Tribute to Two Travelers

As a travel agent in the DFW Area, I can spot a traveler at 20 paces.  Let me be quick to note a traveler can be a person who makes international travel look like a breeze; or a person who has to travel extensively for business purposes.  Two very special men in my life fit into these categories.

 My dad was a farmer/rancher.  His primary mode of transportation was a Ford pick-up truck and a John Deere tractor.  Once a year our family would pile into the station wagon and Daddy would ask when we got to the highway, “Which direction are we going?”  And off we would go!  Later, after all of his chickadees flew the coop, my mother and he took off on annual international mission trips to Brazil, Columbia, Italy, Kenya, India, and Russia.  My dad loved people, and he was happiest planning his next trip.

My father-in-law traveled for work covering his territory of Kansas, portions of Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas down to the San Angelo area.  He was gone more than he was home, so the thought of going anywhere other than to bed was disagreeable.  After his retirement, he set aside his traveling ways and unpacked his suitcase.  Afterwards, his longest trip was to see his beloved granddaughters in Chicago.

Both of these dear men have made their final journeys to their heavenly homes.  I am honored to have known them, and I’m thankful for the many life-lessons these gentlemen taught me.  One important message I learned from them is this: It doesn’t matter if you travel near or far, the journey home is always shorter when someone you love is waiting there for you.

I’m Bette Johnson with Special Moments Travel, hoping to make your travel moments special!