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River Cruise versus Open Water Cruise

Posted by in Bette's Adventures on Nov 28, 2012

River Cruise versus Open Water Cruise

Before I go further, let me give you some definitions of each of these cruise classifications, and to say we truly enjoy both types!

Open Water Cruise is how I would refer to a Caribbean cruise, cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, even a transatlantic cruise; basically a large capacity ship sailing on large bodies of water. A River cruise we can definite as one where the ship is confined to a river, lake, or a canal.

The main differences are on an Open Water Cruise, they are action-packed, something happening almost round the clock! River Cruises tend to be quieter in nature. On a River cruise, there are about 150 passengers. On Open Water Cruises, typically there are closer to 3250 passengers. On the River cruise, the excursions generally are included in the cost of the trip. On Open Water cruises, they offer many excursion options, each at an additional cost. Regional wine and beer are included with dinner on most River cruises, whereas on Open Water Cruises, water, coffee, and tea are included. Soda pop cards and often wine packages are available for extra charges. On River cruises, you are never away from the sight of land. Open Water cruises offer vast ocean/sea views. On River cruises, for the most part, you enjoy calm waters, and with Open Water cruises, frequently, there are sweeping waves which can rock the boat!

As I wrote earlier, we love both kinds of cruising. They have many more differences, but they have similarities, as well. Both are ships, both travel on water, both offer excellent service and adventure, and we can book your travel on either (or both) cruises! Call today and we’ll talk!